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Dr. Mahua Biswas

Assistant Professor
Compttve Research Arts & Sci
Moulton Hall - MLT 301b
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Dr. Biswas joined ISU in Fall 2020. She completed her Ph.D degree in experimental physics from Dublin City University, Ireland in 2010. Before joing ISU she worked as an assistant professor at Missouri State University and worked as a post-doctoral research appointee at Argonne National Laboratory.

Current Courses

390.020Computational Research In Physics

105.001Fundamentals Of Physics

105.002Fundamentals Of Physics

105.003Fundamentals Of Physics

105.004Fundamentals Of Physics

105.005Fundamentals Of Physics

299.020Independent Honor Study

287.020Independent Study

290.020Research In Physics

307.001Seminar In Physics

107.001Frontiers In Physics

105.009Fundamentals Of Physics

105.010Fundamentals Of Physics

105.011Fundamentals Of Physics

105.012Fundamentals Of Physics

105.013Fundamentals Of Physics

105.014Fundamentals Of Physics

105.015Fundamentals Of Physics

285.011Honors Undergraduate Research I

Teaching Interests & Areas

Introductory Physics
Experimental Physics

Research Interests & Areas

Current research interest of Biswas group is on fabrication of nanometer scale materials for emerging technologies. We study the fundamental mechanism behind the nanomaterial formation and the nanomaterials properties using high resolution microscopy, optical & infrared spectroscopy, and diffraction.

Recent years we have explored-
a. Block copolymer nanostructures as a template for inorganic nanofabrication

b. Block copolymer phase separation mechanism
Oxide nanopatterns

c. metal (Au) nanoparticles of symmetric and asymmetric shapes

d. Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy for understanding the growth mechanism


Excitation of dark mode in high-index dielectric oligomer nanostructures. APS March Meeting 2021. (2021)