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Details of a computer.

Computational Facilities

In addition to over 100 desktop computers of various makes and models, we are equipped with:

  • Dell R815, 64 cores, 256 GB RAM
  • Dell R815, 64 cores, 256 GB RAM
  • Dell R820, 72 cores, 256 GB RAM
  • Dell T630, 72 cores, 256 GB ram, Tesla K20 GPU

We also make extensive use of the new HPC cluster in Julian Hall.

The HPC at Illinois State has 1 Login Node & 1 Head Node (User/Schedule), 24 Compute Nodes, 1 Big Mem Node & 2 GPU Nodes (Compute Cluster), and 1 Storage Node (Data Storage), for a total of 30 Nodes.

The common configuration of ISU’s HPC is:

  • Processor: 24 Core / 48 Thread

    Intel Xeon Gold 6248R 3.0Ghz.

  • RAM: 16Gb

    2933MT/s, Dual Rank.

  • GPU: NVIDIA Tesla V100S (optional)

    32Gb VRA.

The High-Performance Compute Cluster is managed using Bright Cluster Manager for HPC.

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