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Related Skills

  • Strong math background
  • Ability to use computers and derive data
  • Strong technical communication skills
  • Ability to use theories in practice
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Logical thinker 

Being Successful in the Field

If you’re interested in engineering, there are many resources to help narrow down your options. Nearly every engineering specialty has its own organization and information about the field can be found on their websites.  The National Society of Professional Engineers is a good starting point for some basic information

Related Fields

Students in our Engineering Physics degree sequence primarily become practicing engineers in their field of specialization. Our program can be tailored to any engineering school you choose, making your choice of specialization completely open.    

Career Industry Liaison

Name Office Email Phone
Debbie Ungson-Walbert  208 Bone Student Center  (309) 438-2200 

Internship Coordinator

Name Office Email Phone
Dan Holland  311B Moulton Hall  (309) 438-8756