Scholarships & Awards

Our students are a talented group. This page will give you an idea of the spectrum of awards and scholarships available to Physics Department students at ISU.

Freshmen Merit Scholarships

There are several merit scholarships open to application by prospective physics majors in any major sequence. For information on Applying for Freshmen Merit Scholarships, click here.

Transfer Student Book Award

This merit award is designed to assist in th purchase of textbooks. It is open to application by prospective transfer students. For information on Applying for Transfer Student Book Awards, click here.

Department of Physics Awards

These awards are given for academic excellence and service and are open to all majors in the Physics department.

Award Ceremony

College and University Awards

ISU Robert G. Bone Scholarship

This is a senior year scholarship, the highest student honor bestowed by the University. It is based on academic achievement and community service. More Information

  • 2013-2014   Andrew T. Steinacher
  • 2011-2012   Matthew R. Ware
  • 2009-2010   Erin E. Lindsey
  • 2006-2007   Rebecca E. Wenning
  • 2005-2006   Matthew E. Narter
  • 2000-2001   John C. Butler
  • 1998-1999   Jennifer R. Czesznegi
  • 1996-1997   Heather A. Dowd
  • 1993-1994   Melanie J. Henderson
  • 1989-1990   Donald F. Johnson
  • 1987-1988   Joseph A. Martindale
  • 1982-1983   Barry P. Lai
  • 1974-1975   Robert E. Davis

ISU Presidential Scholarships

This is scholarship (now worth $11,000 per year, renewable) for entering freshmen, the highest awarded by the University. It is renewable annually for four years. More Information

  • 2012   Keegan Macdonna, Logan Nelson, Samantha Norris, Emaline Stendback
  • 2010   Connor Brennan
  • 2009   Matthew Ware
  • 2008   Kaitlyn Lunte, Eric Meier, Sarah Pfluger
  • 2005   Kent Franklin
  • 2004   Kevin M. Cooley
  • 2003   Mark W. Wirtz
  • 2002   Matthew E. Narter, Travis Faust
  • 2000   Matthew Nickels
  • 1998   Robert E. Wagner
  • 1996   Joshua Braun, Jason Csesznegi, Brad Smetanko
  • 1995   Kelly Kidwell, Kress Shores, Jeffery Bill, Jennifer Csesznegi
  • 1994   Kelly Ann Mullen, Kyle Schmitt
  • 1993   Paul Iutzi, Eric Heerwagen
  • 1989   Karen Klamcynski

ISU Provost Scholarships

These awardees receive a $2500 scholarship which is annually renewable for four years. The scholarship was discontinued in 2004.

  • 2003   Rebecca E. Wenning
  • 2002   John C. Henderson
  • 2001   Joshua C. Gillespie, Sarah E. Radovich

ISU Minority Academic Scholarships

These awardees receive a $5000 scholarship which is annually renewable for four years.

  • 2004   John R. Metzler
  • 2003   None
  • 2002   None
  • 2001   Chartese R. Baxter, Jonathon Brome Fesler

ISU Deans' List of high academic achievment

National Awards

Leroy Apker Award

This award is supported by the American Physical Society, the professional society for physicists. It is the highest award for physics research by an undergraduate in the United States. More Information

Matt Ware, finalist

2012 finalist, Matt Ware

Robert E. Wagner finalist

2001 Robert E. Wagner finalist, 1st Place

Barry Goldwater Scholarships

This competitive scholarship for math and science students is funded by the U.S. Congress. More Information

  • 2014   Samantha Norris
  • 2010   Matthew Ware
  • 2009   Emily R. Gospodarczyk
  • 2001   Robert E. Wagner
  • 1994   Anthony D. Glueck

Barbara Lotze Scholarship

This scholarship, awarded by the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT), is the the highest national award for a student studying to become a high school physics teacher. More Information

  • 2014   Logan Nelson
  • 2010   Sarah Pfluger
  • 2005   Rebecca E. Wenning

National and Regional Awards for Research Presentations

  • APS Division of Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics conference research award. These awards are given for excellence in research presentations in atomic, molecular, and optical physics at the annual national APS/DAMOP conference.
  • AAPT Illinois Section conference research awards. These awards are given for research presentations at the state AAPT conference each spring.