Department of Physics Awards
These cash awards are given for scholarship and service. Students in all four physics degree sequences are eligible.

Michael F. Canney Scholarship

In recognition of hard work, motivation and an entrepreneurial spirit.

2018     Reid D. Gramm
2016     Zachary B. Romersberger

2015     Daniel A. Edie
2014     Miles A. Maggio
2013     Jamie L. Svetich
2012     Anthony E. Galassi
2011     Matthew C. Morris
2010     Tyler J. Klein
2009     Samuel L. Krueger
2008     Jon P. Moller
2007     R.J. Linton
2006     Michael P. Morrissey

Kenneth E. Jesse Award for Experimental Research

The purpose of the Jesse Endowment is to defray expenses to obtain hardware items such as instruments, equipment, tools, electronic components, and materials, such as wood, plastic, metal stock, etc., which are needed for specified student research projects.

2018     Brighton X. Coe
2017     Daniel Eggena
2016     Zachary B. Romersberger
2015     Solar Car team
2014     Misa A. Fioretto
2013     Jamie L. Svetich, Joshua T. Hargraves, Connor R. Brennan
2012     Matthew R. Ware
2011     Cameron T. Knight

Robert C. Shears Scholarship

In recognition of hard work and motivation and demonstrated interest in energy and environmental issues.

S2019     Bailey J. McNulty
F2018     Andrew J. Read
S2018     Erich Christ
F2017     Creighton Lisowski
S2017     Cassandra R. Myroth
F2016     Santiago Pinto
F2015     Hussam B. Diab
S2015     Misa A. Fioretto
F2014     Jamie L. Svetich
S2014     Connor R. Brennan
F2013     Joshua T. Hargraves
F2012     Andrew T. Steinacher
S2012     Cameron T. Knight
F2011     Quinton M. Skilling
S2011     Mid-hat S. Abdulrehman
F2010     Andrea L. Hesselbacvh
S2010     Samuel L. Krueger
S2009     Andrew K. Gillespie
F2008     Ryan T. Meitl
S2008     Anthony A. Battaglia

Physics Outstanding Graduating Senior

2018      Noah A. Osman
2017      Cory Russ
2016      Samantha Norris
2015      Nicholas J. Christensen and Logan D. Nelson
2014      Andrew T. Steinacher
2013      Matthew R. Ware
2012      Benjamin J. Rogers
2011      Jacob G. Weidner
2010      Emily R. Gospodarczyk
2009      Anthony A. Battaglia
2008      Shane T. Hanson
2007      Rebecca E. Wenning
2006      Nathaniel G. Nutter
2005      Kimberly N. McGill and Randall L. Cohen
2004      Michael S. Bell
2003      Jonathan D. Andreasen
2002      Robert E. Wagner
2001      John C. Butler
2000      Julie A. Montgomery and Joel A. Heidemann
1999      Timothy S. Boostrom
1997      Garnet B. Erdakos
1996      Kevin M. Paul
1995      Matthew R. Posh
1994      Brynnen R. Owen
1993      Craig A. Stack
1992      Karen M. Klamczynski
1991      David P. Toniny
1990      Donald F. Johnson

Physics Outstanding Undergraduate

2018      Torrey A. Saxton
2017      Jonathan Unger
2016      Sean D. Fayfar and Cassandra R. Myroth
2015      Samantha Norris
2014      Logan D. Nelson
2013      Andrew T. Steinacher
2012      Matthew R. Ware
2011      Teresa M. Stout
2010      Sarah E. Pfluger
2009      Emily R. Gospodarczyk
2008      Nicholas I. Chott
2007      Timothy P. Garvin and Alison K. O'Connell
2006      Matthew S. Davis and Matthew E. Narter
2005      Rebecca E. Wenning
2004      Derek L. Wissmiller
2003      Allen F. Lewis
2002      Shannon M. Mandel
2001      Robert E. Wagner
2000      John C. Butler
1999      John C. Butler
1998      Timothy S. Boostrom and Jennifer R. Csesznegi
1997      Heather A. Dowd
1996      David J. King
1995      Kevin M Paul
1994      Anthony D. Glueck
1993      Hans E. Muehsler
1992      Mark A. Ruesink
1991      Frank C. Borth
1990      Jason C. Pardee
1989      David P. Toniny

Physics Outstanding Service

2018      Jonathan M. Sullivan-Wood
2017      Jae Chan Ku
2016      Evan F. Becker
2015      Evan F. Becker and Misa Fioretto
2014      Jamie L. Svetich
2013      Jamie L. Svetich
2012      Matthew R. Ware
2011      Andrea L. Hesselbach
2010      Andrea L. Hesselbach
2009      Michael D. Sawyer, Jr.
2008      Ryan J. Linton
2007      Terrina L. Smith
2006      Nicholas J. Jurasek
2005      Nathaniel G. Nutter
2004      David E. Sweeney
2003      Valerie N. Hackstadt
2002      Allen F. Lewis
2001      Gary G. Shepard
2000      Rebecca A. Hahn and Gary G. Shepard
1999      Joshua Matsko
1998      Joel A. Heidemann
1997      Chad W. Johnson and Jeffery T. Niedbalski
1996      Zachary J. Smolinski
1995      LaTanya Y. Malone
1994      Philip W. Valek
1993      Mark A. Ruesink
1992      Amy A. Lautenschlager
1991      Karen M. Klamczynski
1990      Shawn M. Kathmann
1989      Ninamarie Levinsky and Keith E. Johnson

Physics Outstanding Teaching Assistant

2018      Amber R. Sammons
2017      Michael Starzyk
2016      James P. Perrone
2015      Jarrett C. Betke and Samantha Norris
2014      Andrew T. Steinacher
2013      Andrew T. Steinacher
2012      Sara A. O'Toole
2011      Sara A. O'Toole
2010      Samuel L. Krueger
2009      Andrew K. Gillespie and Ryan T. Meitl
2008      Amy E. Erxleben
2007      Michael P. Morrissey
2006      Michael P. Morrissey and Rebecca E. Wenning
2005      Michelle T. Tantillo
2004      Rebecca D. Yapp
2003      Adam D. Hall
2002      Jonathan D. Andreasen and Valerie N. Hackstadt
2001      Todd L. Graba and Benjamin M. Thompson
2000      Shelley L. Dexter and Shannon M. Mandel
1999      Joel A. Heidemann, Christopher S. LaRoche and Herman D. Restrepo