Undergraduate Advising

This page is for the use of physics department majors in any of our degree sequences. As a major you are assigned a faculty advisor who works with you on academic and career advisement while you're in the department. (Faculty page) Each semester, you'll be invited to meet with your advisor to plan the coming semesters. Of course, you're encouraged to talk to your advisor any time you have questions, and our faculty "open door policy" makes that easy. On this page we offer some basic information about requirements and graduation that you might want to look at before meeting with your advisor.

Overall ISU Degree Requirements

  • At least 120 semester hours are required for graduation.
  • At least 42 senior semester hours (courses in the 200-399 range) are required for graduation.
  • ISU residency requirement: students must take 30 of their last 60 hours at ISU
    Exception: Engineering Physics majors are exempt from this residencey requirement, but still need at least 30 hours in residence at ISU.
  • Global Studies Requirement: All students must take at least one course designated as "global studies". In the ISU Gen Ed program these are listed in the Outer Core.
  • Foreign Language Requirements: All students starting ISU in Fall 2005 or later must either have three years of a language in high school or two semester proficiency at ISU. To obtain a BS degree in the College of Arts and Sciences, one must take the equivalent of course number 112 in any of the languages. You have met this requirement if you took three years of the same language in high school. Here are some additional clarifications:
    1. if a student is only taking the college credit, then both courses 111 and 112 are required,
    2. a foreign language placement exam is required for registration into course 112 of the language (if 111 has not been taken at ISU),
    3. if a student is using both high school and college course credit, then the language for the courses must be the same language. American sign language may also satisfy the requirement.

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Degree Information

Minor in Physics

  • 23 hours in Physics required.
  • Required courses: PHY 110, 111, 112;
  • 11 additional hours of electives from 200 or 300-level Physics courses.

Minor in Teacher Education

  • 27 hours in Physics required.
  • Required courses: PHY 110, 111, 112, 270, 311.
  • 11 additional hours of electives from 200 or 300-level Physics courses.
  • The Physics for Teacher Education Minor does not fulfill teacher certification requirements. Students seeking an additional teaching endorsement in this academic area should contact their advisor or the Illinois State Board of Education website (www.isbe.net) for specific certification requirements.

How do I find my advisor?

To find out who your advisor is, go to the Physics Department office in Moulton 311 where the departmental secretary will assist you. Walk-ins are welcome!

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