Research Projects

Our group does research in nonlinear dynamics applied to space and laboratory plasmas as well as educational aspects of computational science and nonlinear systems. We specialize in involving undergraduate students in cuttting edge research and organize our work here based on both student and faculty presentations over the last several years.

Observable Signatures of Nonlinear Dynamics in the Earth's Magnetosphere

  1. Ion Distribution Function Structures Caused By Non-Adiabatic Motionin the Geomagnetic Tail
    By Michael Asbury and R.F. Martin, Jr
  2. Characterization of Chaotic Particle Dynamics in the Earth's Magnetotail
    By Ryan M. Rappa, Daniel L. Holland, Hiroshi Matsuoka, and Richard F. Martin Jr.
  3. Observational Signatures of Chaotic Scattering In the Earth's Magnetotail
    By Brian Lawrence Mavity and R.F. Martin, Jr.

Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos

  1. Chaotic Dynamics and the Driven Bouncing Ball
    By Robert J. Moore, R.F. Martin, and B.K. Clark
  2. Decay of Correlations and Plasma Resistivity Due to Chaotic Dynamics
    By Philip Valek, Robert J. Moore, and R.F. Martin, Jr.
  3. (Klamczynski presentation - give reference)

Plasma sheath physics

  1. (Holland stuff)

Space and Computational Physics Education

  1. Martin talk on putting space phys in astronomy course
  2. Martin/Matsuoka talk on comp modules in chaos course