Waterwheel Data Archive

The ISU Waterwheel has produced a large collection of experimental data (the apparatus and data collection and analysis are described elsewhere). This table contains thumbnail images of the data in several forms:

  1. The first column contains the value of C0, the parameter that describes the strength of the magnetic brake for that run.

  2. The second column notes the file name.

  3. "Phase Space" gives a 2-d projection of the trajectory onto axes denoting the wheel's angular acceleration (alpha) and angular velocity (omega).

  4. "Time Series" gives the wheel's angular position in radians as a function of time in seconds.

  5. "Power Spectrum" gives the log of the magnitude of the omega fourier amplitudes as a function of frequency.

  6. "Omega Crossings" is an ordered plot of the value of omega each time the trajectory crosses the alpha = 0 plane with omega > 0.

  7. "First Return" uses the extreme values of omega in each cycle (those with greatest local magnitude) and plots the (n+1)th values versus the nth value, using the absolute values of omega.