Pair Creation in Space-Time Resolution: Correlated Electron-Positron Spatial Density (long)

Correlated Electron-Positron Spatial Density

Contour plots of the electron-positron spatial density describing the pair-creation process out of vacuum is animated. At time=0 a supercritical potential is switched on instantaneously with V(x)=0.5 V0 (1+tanh(x/W)) with V0=2c^2+10^4 and W=0.3/c. The electron and positron are shown here to grow in production at the center of the potential gradient. The electron and positron densities are found to maintain their shapes throughout the initial stage until they are drifted away due to the force generated by the potential step. Atomic units are adopted in this simulation.
[P.Krekora, Q. Su and R. Grobe, Phys. Rev. Lett., submitted.]