02/26/2002 - Updated 11:28 AM ET

All-USA College Academic Second Team

Irene Bouchard, Mansfield (Pa.) University. Major: social work. GPA: 4.0. Non-traditional student with multiple sclerosis created "Handi-Home" to make homes wheelchair accessible; tutor program coordinator.

Albert Cho, Harvard College. Major: social studies. GPA: 3.93. Created Global Trade Negotiations Web site (; Truman and Rhodes Scholar; executive editor, Harvard International Review.

Orion Crisafulli, Princeton University. Major: mechanical and aerospace engineering. GPA: 3.94. Discovered new mode of operation for Free-Electron Lasers making it possible to increase their power and efficiency.

Brandon Fornwalt, University of South Carolina. Majors: marine science, math. GPA: 4.0. Created method to correct measurements of underwater turbulence caused by underwater turbulence monitor; Goldwater Scholar.

Ngan Fong Tina Huang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Major: Chemical engineering. GPA: 3.6. Developed 3-D model for carbon nanotube energy storage; stem cell research; executive editor, multidisciplinary journal.

Jessica Jackson, University of Missouri-Columbia. Major: Political science. GPA: 3.95. Recovering diet pill abuser lobbied against their availability to minors; Truman Scholar; Democratic National Convention delegate.

Joseph Kim, University of California-Berkeley. Major: political science. GPA: 3.87. Founder, co-director of Academic Senate Renewal Project to improve student representation; editor in chief, undergraduate political science journal.

Jesse Levey, Tufts University, Medford, Mass. Major: Political science. GPA: 3.64. Started non-profit United Leaders to involve youth in the political process, providing internships for students; Tufts Board of Trustees.

Lindsay Levkoff, University of Tennessee. Major: Political science. GPA: 3.98. Started Multicultural Outreach Program, helping immigrants and teaching them English; research in Spain on Franco's regime.

Stephen Magill, University of Tulsa. Majors: Computer science, applied mathematics. GPA: 3.97. Math research on analysis and verification of cryptographic protocols for computer security; Goldwater Scholar; led middle school computer literacy program.

Anna Nadgrodkiewicz, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Major: International studies. GPA: 4.0. Worked at State Department to match U.S. experts with needs of developing countries; presented research on Polish �migr� poets.

"Buck" Sparrow Samuel, University of Idaho. Major: Microbiology, molecular biology/biochemistry. GPA: 3.87. Founding president, Latah Community Volunteer Center; student body vice president; club soccer team president.

Ravi Shah, Harvard College. Major: Chemistry and chemical biology. GPA: 3.99. Co-founded Harvard Biological Sciences Olympiad and laid groundwork for U.S. Biology Olympiad; research on protein slicing; chemistry teaching fellow.

Kimberly Showalter, University of South Florida. Major: Interdisciplinary social sciences. GPA: 3.85. Held clothing drive for farmworkers and co-wrote grant to start course on farmworker issues; national competitor in barrel racing.

Myron Silberstein, University of Pittsburgh. Major: Philosophy, religious studies. GPA: 3.93. Paper analyzing the fugue as a redressive ritual in music history won undergraduate writing award; composer; chamber orchestra pianist.

Puneet Singh, Northwestern University. Major: American studies. GPA: 4.0. Developed model for clergy to minister to those suffering pregnancy loss; Sikh representative, Council of Religions; editor in chief of feminist magazine.

Jessica Smith, Abilene (Texas) Christian University. Major: Journalism. GPA: 3.96. Two-year editor in chief guided school newspaper covering Sept. 11 attacks, school anthrax threat, budget crisis; lab instructor; band member.

Robert Wagner, Illinois State. Major: Physics. GPA: 4.0. Developed computer program to simulate the motion of electrons in electromagnetic fields, leading to 10 publications in refereed journals; Goldwater Scholar.

Erik Welf, North Carolina State. Major: Chemical engineering and pulp and paper science. GPA: 4.0. Research on effects of de-inking chemicals on the efficiency of paper recycling process; Udall Scholar; University Percussion Ensemble.

Amanda Wetzel, Pennsylvania State. Major: International politics. GPA: 3.92. Research on identity of Northern Ireland Women's Coalition; director, Innovation and Quality Team Initiative; Penn State Oboe Studio.