Advising for Freshman/Prospective Students

This page is for the use of Prospective Physics Students and Freshmen who want to be department majors in any of our degree sequences. As a major you are assigned a faculty advisor who works with you on academic and career advisement while you're in the department.

Besides the general university advising during your transition to ISU and your freshman year, we highly encourage you to meet with an advisor in the Physics Department. We take a proactive approach in developing a relationship with you as an individual to ensure your career goals are met.

We encourage you to make an appointment with a departmental advisor as soon as possible. Contact Roberta Shoemaker at 309-438-8756 to make an appointment.

Physics advisees who have an advising or registration question, may contact Grace Foote Johns or phone (309) 438-8758..

If you are having problems registering online, write down the exact error message and contat the Registration Service Center (MLT 107).

More information on Advising as a Current Student