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Dr. Allison Harris

Associate Professor
  • Dr. Harris studies atomic collisions, whic provide key insights into one of the most fundamental forces of nature – the Coulomb force. The study of atomic collisions is primarily used to understand the dynamics of charged particle interactions, but is vital to other areas of physics, such as plasma physics, astrophysics, and biophysics.
  • PHY 388.Sec 001 Advanced Computational Physics
  • PHY 102.Sec 001 Atoms To Galaxies
  • PHY 102.Sec 002 Atoms To Galaxies
  • PHY 390.Sec 015 Computational Research In Physics
  • PHY 107.Sec 001 Frontiers In Physics
  • PHY 290.Sec 015 Research In Physics
  • One focus of our group’s work is the study atomic collisions using state-of-the-art theoretical and computational methods. We specialize in four-body scattering problems, such as simultaneous excitation-ionization and charge transfer collisions. The second area of our group’s research is the study of networks in biological systems. We are currently studying the role of stochasticity in gene regulatory networks, as well as using artificial neural networks to study memory in the brain.
  • Ph D - 2009
  • Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • BA - 2004
  • Drury University