ISU Solar Car Team

The Mission:

The Illinois State University Solar Car Team aims to offer a unique learning experience for students interested in science, engineering, and technology as well as to provide an educational program to demonstrate the benefits of alternative energy to Illinois State University and neighboring communities. We plan to continue competing in races across North America and the world as a way to test and improve our skills and promote a greener future.

The Team:

The Illinois State University Solar Race Team is a multidisciplinary team of students and faculty who volunteer time and energy to advance their skills and the promise of renewable energy. The team consists of more than 20 students and alumni from several departments at Illinois State University. The student team is advised by Professors Dan Holland, George Rutherford, and Jim Dunham in the Physics department.

Join Us:

Regardless of your major, your skills can be honed and put to work in this expansive project. Send e-mail to for more information.

Solar Car Gallery

picture of solar car picture of solar car picture of solar car