Alumni Careers

Our alumni are a talented bunch. A degree in Physics opens the door to a wide variety of careers in the sciences, engineering and technology, software, education, and even medecine and law. Just peruse the list below of some of our alumni job titles to get a feel for what you might be able to achieve with a bachelor's degree in physics!

Argonne National Laboratory

Mr. Floyd C. Bennett
Technical Communication Services Division

Mr. Kenneth J. Volin
Scientific Associate

Defense Mapping Agency and Aerospace Center

Mr. Nathan P. Kemling
Mr. Henry V. Taber

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Ms. Sharon J. McManus
Mr. Martin J. Murphy

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency

Mr. James E. Sloan
Environmental Protection Engineer

Naval Air Warfare Center--ADI Indianapolis

Mr. Robert D. Stoffel
Federal Agency Systems Division

Sverdrup Technologies, Incorporated

Ms. Amy A. Lautenschlager

Abbott Laboratories

Mr. Brian A. Troemel
Senior Analyst

Andersen Consulting

Ms. Gail M. Pasquini

Caterpillar, Incorporated

Mr. P. Anthony Phillips
Computer Systems Analyst

Mr. Rodney J. Gillette
Project Engineer

Mr. Gregory S. Peine
Test Engineer

Claude H. Hurley Company

Dd W. Gernant
Department Head, GEO Technical Engineering Division

Electronic Data Systems (EDS)

Mr. David E. McAtee
Advanced Systems Engineer

Great Lakes Analytical

Mr. Peter Y. Hui
Environmental Scientist

Lucent Technologies

Dr. Richard M. Robertson
Software Engineer and Computer Programmer
Member of the Technical Staff (MTS)

GTE Telephone Operations

Mr. William D. Sprague
Network Planning and Engineering

Honeywell, Incorporated

Mr. Daniel L. Sittler
Production Engineer

Illinois Power Company

Ms. Anita R. Munden
Human Resources Advisor

Illinois Power Company--Clinton Nuclear Power Plant

Mr. Donald W. Waddell
Director of Resource Management, Engineering Department

INTEL Corporation

Mr. Harvey M. Andersen, III
Staff Engineer

Kaiser Optical Systems, Incorporated

Mr. Adrian C. Delforge
Vice-President, Engineering Division

Little Fuse Corporation

Mr. John S. Talkington
Productivity Systems Engineer

Maytag International

Mr. Robert C. Shears
Vice-President, Finance and Administration

Memorial Medical Center

Mr. Randy B. Maxey
Director, Medical Physics Department

Meridian Technology Corporation

Mr. Gary R. Liming
Vice-President, Engineering Division

Motorola Corporation

Mr. James R. Stamm
Software Engineer

Network Systems--MPG

Mr. Neil O. Whittington
Vice-President, Wireless Data Technologies

Raytheon Company

Mr. Christopher E. Butrym
Electronics Hardware Designer

United Airlines

Mr. Kerry R. Pollock
Computer Production Operator

City Colleges of Chicago

Mr. Taylor A. Cisco, Jr.
Manager of Program Compliance

East Peoria Community High School

Mr. Nerio J. Calgaro
Physics Teacher

Elk Grove High School

Mr. David L. Buchheit
Physics and Chemistry Teacher

Westfield High School

Ms. Mari Lynn Schemel
Physics Teacher

Homewood-Flossmoor High School

Mr. Brian F. McCarthy
Physics Teacher

J.B. Conant High School

Mr. Philip G. Winter
Physics Teacher

Joliet Township High School

Mr. William C. Blunk
Physics Teacher

LaDue Horton Watkins High School

Mr. Anthony F. Kardis
Science Department Chairperson

Lincoln-Way East Community High School

Mr. Hans E. Muehsler
Physics Teacher

Lyons Township High School (North)

Mr. Charles M. Adamovic
Assistant Division Chair for Math & Science

Maine East Township High School

Mr. James W. Vokac
Science Department Chair

Maine West Township High School

Mr. Marshall M. Ellenstein
Physics Teacher

Metamora High School

Mr. Gregory J. Hnilicka,
Physics Teacher

Mr. David P. Toniny
Physics and Chemistry Teacher

The Ohio State University

Dr. Patricia M. Schwirian
Professor, College of Nursing

Dr. Joseph A. Martindale
Post-Doctoral Fellow

Palatine High School

Mr. James A. Teff
Physics Teacher

Pennsylvania State University

Dr. Bruce A. Albrecht
Professor of Meteorology

Rice University

Dr. C. Robert O'Dell
Buchanan Professor of Astrophysics

Dr. O'Dell

Dr. O'Dell received the Distinguished Alumnus Award from Illinois State University in 1997 for his work with the Hubble Space Telescope.

Rochelle Township High School

Mr. Brian E. Elmer
Physics Teacher

Rush Presbyterian / St. Luke's Medical Center

Dr. Peter M. Meyer
Scientist and Assistant Professor
Department of Preventive Medicine

San Diego Supercomputer Center

Mr. Michael Y. Wan
Principal Scientist

Schaumburg High School

Mr. Chad M. Hager
Physics Teacher

St. Charles High School

Mr. John T. Connell
Physics Teacher

Structural Laminates Company (ALCOA)

Mr. Carl E. Gareshe'
Operations Manager

United Space Alliance--Rockwell Corporation

Mr. Jeffery T. Fitch
Electrical Engineer

Jane Addams Middle School

Mr. Christopher S. Schaeflein

Warren Township High School

Mr. Robert L. Taylor
Physics and Mathematics Teacher

According to the American Physical Society,

  • about 42% of physics majors go straight into the workforce
  • about 36% of physics majors go to graduate school in physics or astronomy
  • about 22% of physics majors go to graduate school in engineering or professional school in law or medicine
Find much more information about careers in physics at the APS physics careers website.