Alumni Gifts

Whether you are among our alumni, a university employee, a parent of a student, or a friend, the Department of Physics needs your participation. There are many ways to help support our educational programs for students and our research efforts. Below is a list of some ways in which you can help. Click on the giving icon to the right and it will take you to an online donation page. If you prefer to make a donation in person or via mail, then feel free to contact our department at (309) 438-8756.

Thank you.


Dale M. Shulaw Scholarship Fund:

An endowed scholarship which is a memorial fund established by Gladys Shulaw in honor of her late husband to benefit freshmen physics majors (ISU fund #4566715)

George Skadron Scholarship Fund:

An endowed scholarship fund which is a tribute to former department chair George Skadron that provides scholarships and awards for computer physics majors (ISU fund #4566252)

Michael F. Canney Scholarship in Science Fund:

An endowed scholarship for physics majors exhibiting an entrepreneurial spirit (ISU fund #4566257)

Robert C. Shears Scholarship in Physics Fund:

An endowed scholarship for physics majors in recognition of hard work and motivation and demonstrated interest in energy and envirnomental issues (ISU fund #4566714)

Physics Alumni Scholarship Fund:

Funded through alumni and friend donations to provide scholarships for entering freshmen and annual student awards (ISU fund #4566253)

Women Physicist Research Fund:

Donations support research by women physicists (ISU fund #4565951)

Women in Physics Scholarship Fund:

Supports women physics students by providing funds for research, travel, or scholarships (ISU fund #4565952)

Physics Research Fund:

Donations support student and faculty research needs, including student stipends, student travel to conferences, equipment, and software (ISU fund #4565954)

Physics Teacher Education Program Fund:

A fund to support the department's PTE program needs (ISU fund #4565953)

Carl J. Wenning Endowment:

The purpose of the program is to provide resources for majors in the field of physics teacher eduation to highly qualified program graduates. (ISU fund #4566719)

Specific Department Programs

Friends of the ISU Planetarium (ISU fund #4565950)

Become a Friend fo the ISU Planetarium! See the detailed information here.

Team Mercury - Solar Car Team (ISU fund #4565956)

Check out the Team Mercury Website
Team Mercury enables students to get hands-on experience in emerging energy technologies, allows ISU to compete in the North American Solar Challenge race, allows community outreach by taking the car to numerous public events and to schools. The car is currently being rebuilt and will only be successful with donations of money, parts, supplies, and volunteers. The team seeks both individual donations and corporate sponsors. See the team donations page for details.

Physics Excellence Fund (ISU fund #4565253)

Funds designated for this general fund are used for a wide variety of departmental needs.

Kenneth E. Jesse Initiative Fund (ISU fund #4566716)

Funds designated for this fund are used for special projects and initiatives of the department.

Trebuchet Team (ISU fund #4565253)

Students in the Physics Department often participate on the Trebuchet Team and are great champions of the sport. Building siege weapons and competing in this event requires much support. Learn more about ISU's Trebuchet Team.