Alumni Directory

The Physics Department at Illinois State University enjoys keeping in touch with its alums. Each year, we invite alums to come back to the department to meet current students and share their experiences. Here is a list of Physics Alums going back to 1980. If your name is not on our list, please contact us to be added.

Name Area Year
Berger, Jared R. Physics 2016
Fayfar, Sean D. Physics Cum Laude, Honors Program Scholar 2016
Norris Samantha Physics/Computer Physics Summa cum Laude, Presidential Scholar, Bone Scholar 2016
Fjeldheim, Erik R. Engineering Physics 2016
Greiner, Ryan W. Engineering Physics 2016
Knight, Cameron T. Engineering Physics 2016
Obrzut, Kevin T. Engineering Physics 2016
Pifer, Jetti Engineering Physics 2016
Wienhof, Jacob R. Engineering Physics Summa cum Laude 2016
Kastelein, Jared S. Physics Teacher Education 2016
Manahan, Colin B. Physics Teacher Education 2016
Fioretto, Melissa A. Physics 2015
Svetich, Jamie L. Physics/Physics Teacher Education 2015
Turley, James F. Physics 2015
Christensen, Nicholas J. Computer Physics 2015
Jennings, Derek J. Computer Physics 2015
Bielenberg, Matthew D. Engineering Physics 2015
Demierre, Travis J. Engineering Physics 2015
Hussey, Colin J. Engineering Physics 2015
Thompson, Blake C. Engineering Physics 2015
Dolson, Kurt R. Physics Teacher Education 2015
Duda, Joseph M. Physics Teacher Education 2015
Nelson, Logan D. Physics Teacher Education 2015
Klatka, Thomas J. Physics Teacher Education 2015
Ratko, John J. Physics Teacher Education 2015
Anderson, Eric W. Physics 2015
Edie, Daniel A. Physics 2015
Quinn, Erik L. Engineering Physics cum Laude 2015
Waltz, Adam C. Engineering Physics 2015
Whiteside, Amanda C. Physics Teacher Education 2015
Brennan, Connor R. Physics summa cum laude, honor scholar merit, honor scholar district, program scholar 2014
Galich, Kevin M. Physics Teaching 2014
Hargraves, Joshua T. Physics 2014
Legner, Christopher M. Physics cum laude 2014
Mennella, Nicholas E. Engineering Physics 2014
Mikels, Stephen P. Physics Teaching 2014
Rokos, Vincent J. Physics Teaching 2014
Shields, Benjamin T. Engineering Physics summa cum laude 2014
Singer, Adam J.. Physics Teaching 2014
Skilling, Quinton M. Computer Physics cum laude, program scholar 2014
Steinacher, Andrew T. Physics/Computer Physics summa cum laude, bone scholar 2014
Baughman, Phillip P. Physics Teaching 2013
Byers, Jeremiah M. Physics Teaching 2013
Drici, Magda Physics 2013
Franklin, Kent W. Physics Honor Scholar merit, Honor Program cScholar 2013
Galassi, Anthony E. Computer Physics 2013
Heidorn, William D. Physics cum laude 2013
Johnson, David L. Physics Teaching 2013
Keller, Christopher D. Physics Teaching 2013
Kremer, Brian P. Physics Teaching 2013
Massey, Jasen P. Physics 2013
McGuire, John Physics Teaching 2013
Nevins, John O. Physics Teaching 2013
Newman, Daniel L. Engineering Physics 2013
Roach, Derek C. Physics 2013
Reisinger, David A. Physics 2013
Staley, Noah D. Physics 2013
Vikartofsky, Andrew Computer Physics 2013
Abdulrehman, Mid-Hat S. Physics2012
Barham, Jacob A. Physics/Computer Physics2012
Bourjaily, Adam P. Physics2012
Christiansen, Jason D. Physics Teaching2012
Clayton, Steven G. Physics Teaching2012
Gross, Alexander P. Physics2012
Kelley, Mackenzie G. Physics Teaching2012
Krueger, Samuel L. Physics/Physics Teaching/Computer Physics2012
Matthews, Colin R. Physics2012
Maxwell, Justin R. Physics2012
O'Toole, Sara A. Physics Teaching cum laude2012
Pfluger, Sarah Physics Teaching magna cum laude2012
Rainey, Tyler J. Physics2012
Rogers, Benjamin J. Physics cum laude2012
Russell, Daniel L. Physics2012
Sawyer, Michael D. Physics2012
Trimble, Joseph E. Physics cum laude2012
Tomera, Daniel J. Physics2012
Ware, Matthew R. Physics2012
Warren, Christopher L. Physics2012
Amedo, Joseph Physics2011
Becker, James M. Physics2011
Chen, Laura E. Engineering Physics2011
Chumbley, Nicholas R. Physics Teaching2011
Daly, Colin C. Engineering Physics2011
Drendel, Adam P. Engineering Physics2011
Ekins, Neil E. Physics/Economics2011
Funkhouser, Matthew A. Physics Teaching cum laude2011
Gillespie, Andrew K. Physics/Physics Teaching2011
Gustafson, Jeffrey P. Physics2011
Haddox, Patrick Engineering Physics2011
Hesselbach, Andrea L. Physics hnr pgm schlr2011
Hubbard, Devin S. Physics Teaching/Renewable Energy2011
Johnston, Dylan J. Engineering Physics2011
Kelley, William M. Physics Teaching2011
Klein, Tyler J. Physics2011
Loy, Nathan D. Engineering Physics2011
Prorok, Michael D. Physics/Mathematics2011
Shane, Kevin M. Physics Teaching cum laude2011
Stout, Teresa M. Physics2011
Sul, Michael J. Physics2011
Tucker, Mitchell W. Physics Teaching2011
Wabick, Kevin J. Physics2011
Weidner, Jacob G. Physics cum laude2011
Adams, Kurtis A. Physics2010
Chenoweth, Scott D. Engineering Physics2010
Garvin, Timothy P. Engineering Physics summa cum laude2010
Goodin, Isaac L. Computer Physics2010
Gospodarczyk, Emily R. Physics summa cum laude2010
Hamende, Marc A. Engineering Physics2010
Hopkins, Garth W. Engineering Physics2010
Kristoff, James S. Engineering Physics2010
Maita, Michael S. Physics Teaching2010
Monbrum, Kaitlyn D. Physics Teaching2010
Ries, Christopher D. Physics Teaching2010
Vavra, Jacob R. Physics2010
Wischhusen, David T. Computer Physics2010
Atinaja, Brian Engineering Physics2009
Bank, Micah T. Physics Teaching2009
Battaglia, Anthony A. Physics summa cum laude2009
Becker, Andrew S. Physics2009
Bengtson, Jonathan B. Physics Teaching2009
Cliff, Michael J. Physics Teaching2009
Dale, Bradley J. Physics2009
Erxleben, Amy E. Physics Teaching/Computer Physics2009
Fitzpatrick, Ryan M. Physics 2009
Hamende, Michael A. Engineering Physics 2009
Jurasits, Joseph C. Engineering Physics 2009
Lindsey, Erin E. Computer Physics cum laude2009
Linton, Ryan J. Computer Physics2009
Lodes, Ryan D. Physics Teaching2009
Mariani, Brian A. Physics Teaching cum laude2009
Meitl, Ryan T. Physics2009
Moller, Jr., Jon P. Physics2009
Prettyman, Randi R. Physics Teaching2009
Reynolds, Harvey C. Computer Physics2009
Stefanik, Erin M. Physics Teaching2009
Allured, Ryan A. Physics cum laude2008
Brieger, Erik R. Physics Teaching2008
Bush, Christopher J. Physics Teaching2008
Byrne, Timothy R. Physics2008
Chott, Nicholas I. Physics2008
Gagliano, Michael P. Physics2008
Hanson, Shane T. Physics Teaching summa cum laude2008
Herzau, Matthew J. Physics Teaching2008
Heyduck, Theodore W. Physics Teaching2008
Kupiec, Scott C. Physics Teaching2008
Metzler, John R. Physics Teaching2008
Norton, Matthew S. Computer Physics2008
Smith, Terrina L. Computer Physics2008
Sulski, Andrew H. Physics Teaching2008
Turner, Michael S. Physics Teaching2008
Aderhold, Christopher P. Physics Teaching2007
Amoh, George E. Computer Physics2007
Balfanz, Ryan M. Computer Physics/Mathematics2007
Berry, Justin D. Physics2007
Boswell, James A. Physics Teaching2007
Ellison, Ryan P. Physics Teaching2007
Fischman, Lane A. Physics Teaching2007
Juskevice, Thomas A. Computer Physics2007
Koehn, Nicholas T. Computer Physics2007
Krites, Aaron M. Engineering Physics2007
Morrissey, Michael P. Physics/Computer Physics2007
O'Donnell, James P. Physics2007
Pang, Lucas Physics Teaching2007
Santana, Rebecca R. Physics2007
Shepardson, Mark A. Physics cum laude2007
Wenning, Rebecca E. Physics Teaching summa cum laude2007
Blood, Trisha M. Physics summa cum laude2006
Bozym, Patrick J. Engineering Physics2006
Bradford, Joshua D. Computer Physics2006
Carr, Kareem C. Physics2006
Christiansen, David A. Physics2006
Davis, Matthew S. Physics summa cum laude2006
Eddington, Erik J. Engineering Physics2006
Farneti, Bruce N. Engineering Physics2006
Fesler, Jonathan B. Engineering Physics2006
Heidemann, Joel A. Physics Teaching summa cum laude2006
Henderson, John C. Computer Physics2006
Hitchins, Brian W. Physics Teaching2006
Jurasek, Nicholas J. Computer Physics2006
McQuinn, Sean P. Physics Teaching2006
Metzger, Zachary A. Physics  Teaching2006
Narter, Matthew E. Computer Physics summa cum laude2006
Nguyen, Lam P. Physics2006
Nutter, Nathaniel G. Computer Physics summa cum laude2006
Penczak, Jr., John S. Physics cum laude2006
Sanoshy, Thomas J. Physics Teaching2006
Scherer, Jonathan M. Engineering Physics2006
Schonert, Sarah E. Engineering Physics2006
Sweeney, David E. Physics2006
Tombers, Matthew D. Computer Physics2006
Tweedt, Brett E. Physics2006
Cohen, Randall L. Physics2005
Evans, Zachariah J. Physics Teaching2005
Grabowski, Vanessa Physics Teaching2005
Hackstadt, Valerie N. Physics2005
McGill, Kimberly N. Computer Physics cum laude2005
Ommen, Stephen J. Physics Teaching2005
Piraino, Tony J. Engineering Physics cum laude2005
Quinlan, Kevin T. Physics2005
Rokos, Lucus F. Physics2005
Scheeler, Lawrence H. Physics2005
Tantillo, Michelle T. Physics Teaching2005
Bell, Michael S. Physics summa cum laude2004
Bonomo, Tony A. Physics2004
Eddy, Dave P. Physics Teaching cum laude2004
Hall, Adam D. Physics cum laude2004
Heuer, Jennifer R. Physics2004
Luginbuhl, Luke N. Physics Teaching magna cum laude2004
Musec, Matthew J. Engineering Physics2004
Park, Hyesung Physics cum laude2004
Perry, Andrew J. Physics2004
Peverly, Peter Computer Physics magna cum laude2004
Robinson, Mark A. Engineering Physics2004
Schaefer, Zachary A. Physics2004
Schonert, Kent A. Physics2004
Shepard, Gary G. Physics Teaching2004
Sperry, Arthur J. Physics2004
Stanfield, Jason O. Physics2004
Viergutz, Michael A. Physics2004
Wissmiller, Derek L. Physics summa cum laude2004
Yapp, Rebecca D. Physics cum laude2004
Andreasen, Jonathan D. Computer Physics cum laude2003
Bokalders, Andrejs K. Engineering Physics2003
Brumleve, Brian C. Physics2003
Caponi, Joshua A. Engineering Physics 2003
Davis, Edward J. Engineering Physics cum laude2003
Drago, Andrew J. Physics cum laude2003
Drumheller, Todd J. Physics Teaching2003
Farrell, David M. Physics2003
Fraser, Paul D. Physics Teaching2003
Hodel, Jon D. Physics2003
Hughes, Timothy S. Engineering Physics2003
Jados, Benjamin J. Physics2003
Johnson, Larihel B. Physics Teaching2003
Lareau, Brian M. Engineering Physics2003
Lennon, Craig M. Physics2003
Lewis, Allen F. Computer Physics magna cum laude2003
Ostrom, Jeffery A. Engineering Physics2003
Schultz, Stephen J. Physics 2003
Shepherd, Tyson R. Computer Physics2003
Sherman, Daniel Computer Physics2003
Altay, Gabriel A. Physics2002
Anderson, Justin J. Computer Physics2002
Andris, Philip D. Engineering Physics2002
Bishop, Justin A. Computer Physics2002
Troy Budke, Terry Engineering Physics 2002
Macphearson, Kurk R. Computer Physics2002
Dexter, Shelley L. Computer Physics2002
Fritch, Matthew J. Engineering Physics summa cum laude2002
Mandel, Shannon M. Physics Teaching magna cum laude2002
Morris, Timothy R. Physics2002
Nickols, Christopher A. Physics2002
Ryan, Jason A. Physics Teaching2002
Speckhart, Gregory J. Engineering Physics2002
Stremmel, Aaron A. Physics Teaching2002
Strong, James A. Computer Physics2002
Stypik, Maciej Physics2002
Thompson, Benjamin M. Physics Teaching2002
Wagner, Robert E. Computer Physics summa cum laude2002
Wendt, McClean C. Physics2002
Whitehead, Andrew B. Engineering Physics2002
Adams, Jeffery T. Physics2001
Asbury, Michael J. Computer Physics2001
Braun, Joshua W. Engineering Physics2001
Butler, John C. Physics summa cum laude2001
Davis, Rory A. Computer Physics2001
Graba, Todd L. Physics Teaching2001
Jeans Hahn, Rebecca Physics Teaching2001
Jacobs, Marek M. Computer Physics cum laude2001
Littell, Louis A. Computer Physics2001
Lolling, Shawn M. Engineering Physics2001
Matsko, Joshua P. Engineering Physics2001
Moore, Lucas J. Physics2001
Richards, Benjamin H. Physics2001
Shepard, Gary G. Physics2001
Albold, Chad D. Physics2000
Bierbrodt, Joseph E. Physics2000
Brightwell, Trevor A. Engineering Physics2000
Hasse, Randall D. Physics2000
Heidemann, Joel A. Physics2000
Ingram, Jason J. Computer Physics2000
Mavity, Brian L. Physics2000
Montgomery, Julie A. Physics Teaching2000
Musser, Byron C. Computer Physics2000
Rick, Nathan D. Engineering Physics2000
Tovo, Nathan E. Computer Physics2000
Bill, Jeffrey R. Engineering Physics cum laude1999
Boostrom, Timothy S. Physics cum laude1999
Carlson, Adam S. Physics1999
Cohen, Mark A. Physics Teaching1999
Csesznegi, Jennifer R. Computer Physics1999
Dober, Julie D. Engineering Physics1999
Emery, Kevin C. Physics Teaching1999
LaRoche, Christopher S. Physics Teaching1999
Nord, Thomas D. Engineering Physics1999
Pauletti, Timothy P. Engineering Physics1999
Restrepo, Herman D. Physics Teaching1999
Smith, Jr., Dan R. Engineering Physics1999
Woods, James J. Computer Physics1999
Zimmerle, Mark S. Computer Physics1999
Bendele, Christopher M. Engineering Physics cum laude1998
Clark, Randall W. Engineering Physics 1998
Freesmeyer, Timothy J. Physics1998
Johnson, Chad W. Physics1998
Kostecki, Curtis W. Engineering Physics 1998
McNulty, Michael J. Engineering Physics1998
Ripp, Denison P. "Jay" Engineering Physics1998
Slightom, Phillip M. Engineering Physics1998
Watson, Michael P. Physics 1998
Williams Osberg, Christine M. Engineering Physics1998
Wissmiller, Charles A. Physics1998
Bergmann, John D. Physics Teaching1997
Boyer, Kevin T. Physics Teaching1997
Brown, Joseph H. Physics1997
Butler, Joseph A. Physics1997
Crownson, Stephan R. Physics Teaching1997
Daniel, Christopher M. Engineering Physics1997
Dowd, Heather A. Physics magna cum laude1997
Erdakos, Garnet B. Physics1997
Ewing, Christopher P. Engineering Physics1997
Karch, III, James E. Engineering Physics cum laude1997
Logan, Lisa C. Physics1997
Maerz, Paul B. Engineering Physics1997
Malone, LaTanya Y. Engineering Physics1997
Mika, Joseph R. Physics Teaching/Industrial Technology1997
Niedbalski, Jeffery T. Physics1997
Rosenberg, David J. Engineering Physics1997
Suthar, Maulik A. Engineering Physics magna cum laude1997
Van de Voorde, Jon R. Engineering Physics1997
Wieshuber, Paul A. Engineering Physics1997
Yehl, Robert D. Engineering Physics1997
Brandstedt, Thomas R. Engineering Physics1996
Butrym, Christopher E. Engineering Physics cum laude1996
Eric Cribbett, James Engineering Physics1996
Davis, VI, David Physics1996
Eagan, Patrick L. Engineering Physics 1995
Elmer, Brian E. Physics Teaching1996
Erickson, Christopher M. Physics Teaching1996
Gorsch, Larry M. Physics1996
Hager, Chad M. Physics Teaching1996
King, David J. Physics summa cum laude1996
McCown, John L. Physics1996
Todd Miller, R. Engineering Physics1996
Muehsler, Hans E. Physics Teaching1996
Paul, Kevin M. Physics summa cum laude1996
Smolinski, Zachary J. Physics summa cum laude1996
Baer, Robert A. Physics1995
Begolka, Daniel M. Physics1995
Dickerson, Peter J. Engineering Physics1995
Fricke, Rachel M. Physics1995
Glueck, Anthony D. Physics magna cum laude1995
LaBrier, Daniel P. Physics1995
McAvoy, Jon M. Physics 1995
Michael, Frederick N. Physics1995
Morris, Donald R. Physics Teaching1995
Posh, Matthew R. Physics cum laude1995
Powell, Stephen W. Physics1995
Retter, Fred E. Engineering Physics1995
Schierholz, Steve M. Physics1995
Starkey, Aaron P. Physics1995
Talkington, John S. Engineering Physics1995
Thao, Bee Engineering Physics1995
Wendling, Andrew K. Physics1995
Winter, Philip G. Physics Teaching1995
Alvia, Consuelo E. Physics1994
Barnett, Thomas S. Physics1994
Carmichael, Kelly R. Physics1994
Glosser, Christopher J. Physics1994
Henderson Seelig, Melanie J. Physics/Mathematics1994
Howerton, Jared A. Engineering Physics1994
Kourinos, Michael N. Engineering Physics1994
Litwiller, Clair F. Physics Teaching1994
McManus, Sharon J. Physics1994
Mitchell, James A. Engineering Physics1994
Moline, Jason Z. Engineering Physics1994
Muehsler, Hans E. Physics magna cum laude1994
Murphy, Martin J. Physics1994
Owen, Brynnen R. Physics1994
Peterson, Ted B. Physics1994
Riggs, Corbin T. Physics/Mathematics1994
Sloan, James E. Engineering Physics1994
Stephenson, Kevin L. Engineering Physics1994
Valek, Philip W. Physics1994
Barrett, David Physics1993
Bode, Brett Physics/Chemistry1993
Borth, Frank C. Engineering Physics summa cum laude1993
Brandon, Dan Physics1993
Crippen, Andrew Physics 1993
Halbig, Michael C. Engineering Physics1993
Kalsy, Jai J. Physics 1993
Kukuck, Scott R. Physics cum laude1993
Marketti, Tony P. Engineering Physics magna cum laude1993
Moore, Robert Physics1993
Lynn Olson Schemel, Mari Physics Teaching1993
Pak, Steven M. Engineering Physics1993
Quigley, Donald Physics 1993
Ruesink, Mark A. Physics cum laude1993
Skupien, Thomas Physics1993
Stack, Craig A. Physics cum laude1993
Stuckwisch, Kevin D. Physics/Mathematics1993
Connell, John T. Physics Teaching1992
Funk, Sean L. Physics1992
Kelly, Terrence W. Physics/Mathematics1992
Kiesewetter, Kevin L. Physics1992
Klamczynski, Karen M. Physics cum laude1992
Kulesza, Joseph E. Physics Teaching1992
Kunz, Eric D. Physics1992
Lautenschlager, Amy A. Physics1992
Lucido, Paul W. Physics1992
Youngren, Jeffrey R. Physics1992
Biel, Stephen L. Physics1991
Hnilicka, Gregory J. Physics Taching summa cum laude1991
Johnston, Bradley G. Physics1991
Kathmann, Shawn M. Physics1991
Murphy, Michael J. Physics Teaching1991
Page, Kelly A. Physics1991
Saletzki, Paul Physics1991
Slouka, Daniel M. Physics1991
Toniny, David P. Physics Teaching magna cum laude1991
Bernstein, Michael I. Physics1990
Howard, Douglas T. Physics1990
Johnson, Donald F. Physics summa cum laude1990
McElmury, James S. Physics1990
Meksaven, Boonpheng Physics/Mathematics1990
Van Roekel, Spencer A. Physics/Mathematics1990
Russell Williams, S. Engineering Physics1990
Boyko, Evan P. Physics1989
Castleman, Mark W. Physics1989
Hui, Peter Y. Physics1989
Johnson, Keith E. Physics1989
Levinsky, Ninamarie Physics1989
Scott O'Hara, M. Physics 1989
Pasquini, Gail M. Physics 1989
Schaeflein, Christopher S. Physics Teaching1989
Kemling, Nathan P. Engineering Physics1988
Lovekamp, Paul G. Physics/Mathematics1988
Martindale, Joseph A. Physics summa cum laude1988
Meier, Terrence P. Engineering Physics1988
Scherzinger, Jerry A. Physics1988
Schultz, Bud R. Physics Teaching1988
Stumborg, Michael F. Physics1988
Trebacz, David L. Physics1988
Wells, Wesley S. Engineering Physics1988
Bushmeyer, Elizabeth L. Physics1987
Hoglund, Raymond C. Physics1987
McCarthy, Brian F. Physics Teaching1987
Pruyne, Thomas S. Physics1987
Saindon, Andrew J. Physics1987
Schertz, Jeffrey D. Physics1987
Devos, John K. Physics1986
Graziadei, John W. Physics1986
Neidenback, Thomas J. Physics1986
Pope, Jeffrey C. Physics 1986
Sorensen, Paul O. Physics1986
Beyer, Robert K. Physics magna cum laude1985
Brand, Holmann V. Physics1985
Bromley, David W. Physics1985
Doyle, Sean M. Physics1985
Gernant, Richard W. Physics1985
Greer, Brian J. Physics1985
Robinson, Suzette E. Physics 1985
Stoffel, Robert D. Physics1985
Troemel, Brian A. Physics summa cum laude1985
Arnold, Gary R. Physics1984
Canney, Michael F. Physics1984
Garesche, Carl E. Physics1984
Goodwyn, IV, Alfred R. Physics1984
Lipar, Jeffrey Physics1984
Mallder, Spencer A. Physics1984
Park, Ki S. Physics 1984
Ruane, Patrick J. Physics1984
Scott, Sherry J. Physics1984
Crew, John E. Physics1983
Fitch, Jeffery T. Physics1983
Koth, Philip E. Physics1983
Lai, Barry P. Physics1983
Penrod, Mark A. Physics1983
Prombo, Christopher B. Physics1983
Smith, Paul F. Physics1983
Atkins, William A. Physics1982
Conroy, David K. Physics1982
Madigan, Michael J. Physics1982
Salter, Jeffery L. Physics1982
Sittler, Daniel L. Physics1982
Perkins, Andrea C. Physics1981
Baghdadi, Abdol A. Physics1980
Delforge, Adrian C. Physics1980
Dely, Alex Physics1980
Faghih, Reza Physics1980
O'Connor, Matthew R. Physics1980
Parke, James R. Physics1980
Rezai, Mory M. Physics1980
Riley, Stuart L. Physics1980
Stamm, James R. Physics1980
Waddell, Donald W. Physics1980
Adamovic, Charles Physics 1977
Adcox, George Physics Teaching 1952
Albrecht, Bruce Physcs 1972
Andersen, Harvey Physics 1976
Andris, Philip Engineering Physics 2002
Archer, Ronald Physics Teaching 1953
Bailey, Donald Physics Teaching 1954
Bammann, Douglas Physics Teaching 1973
Barrett, Michael Physics 1986
Barry, James Physics Teaching 1958
Becker, Evan Physics 2016
Behrens, Herbert Physics 1937
Benedict, William Physics 1965
Bennett, Floyd Physics (MS) 1974
Bergquist, Alexander Physics 2003
Bianchi, Timothy Physics Teaching 2017
Bloomquist, Roger Physics Teaching (MSE) 1951
Blunk, William Physics 1969
Boyd, Clarence Engineering Physics 2017
Buchheit, David Physics Teaching 1963
Budke, Terry Engineering Physcs 2002
Burgess, Charles Physics 1968
Burris, Corey Physics 2016
Cade, John Physics 1964
Calgaro, Nerio Physics 1971
Carberry, Daniel Engineering Physics 2017
Carlson, Quinn Engineering Physics 2014
Carter, Thomas Physics Teaching 1939
Chamblis, J. James Physics Teaching 1950
Chaves, Jonas Physics 2017
Cisco, Taylor Physics 1970
Clark, David Physics Teaching 1964
Clarkin, Elizabeth Engineering Physics 2015
Cook, James Physics 1972
Cording, Richard Physics 1973
Cox, Randolph Physics 1975
Cramer, Robert Physics Teaching (MSE) 1952
Cribbett, James Engineering Physics 1996
Crowell, Lawrence Physics 1978
Cunningham, Kenneth Physics 1976
Cushing, Joseph Physics Teaching 1960
Davik, John Physics Teaching 1955
Davis, Robert Physics 1972
Deason, James Physics Teaching 1958
Dennis, Harold Physics Teaching 1935
Detweiler, Herman Physics 1962
Deitrich, Paul Physics Teaching 1966
Dorsett, Darrel Physics (MS) 1967
Dunn, Dennis Physics Teaching 1971
Earles, Robert Physics Teaching 1960
Edwards, Kenneth Physics 1937
Ehren, Kenneth Physics Teaching 1961
Ellenstein, Marshall Physics 1964
Evans, Zoe Physics Teaching 2006
Foreman, Dennis Physics Teaching 1973
Franson, Bruce Physics 1977
Frary, James Physics 1977
French, Edward Physics 1972
French, Harold Physics Teaching 1952
Friedheim, Andrew Engingeering Physics 2017
Friel, Richard Physics 1976
Fritz, William Physics 1972
Fry, George Physics 1972
Fung, Denny Physics 1977
Gehrke, Thomas Physics Teaching 1975
Gillette, Rodney Physics Teaching 1969
Griffin, Jade Physics Teaching 2014
Hahn, Rebecca Physics Teaching 2011
Hansen, Margaret Physics Teaching 2014
Harper, Jimmie Physics 1973
Hiltabrand, Robert Physics Teaching (BSE) & Physics (MS) 1960 & 1962
Holman, Roger Physics 1973
Hong, Darlene Physics Teaching 1971
Huber, Larry Physics 1972
Hughes, Michael Physics 1974
Hughes, Shannon Physics Teaching 2002
Jaspers, Sharon Physics 1994
Jeschke, Clayton Engineering Physics 2016
Johns, Larry Physics 1971
Kardis, Anthony Physics Teaching (BSE) & Physics (MS) 1961 & 1962
Keenan, David Physics Teaching 1970
Keogh, Ignatius Physics Teaching 1938
King, Rachel Physics 1995
Kjell, Bradley Physics (MS) 1971
Konar, Michael Physics 1978
Konikkara, Baboo Physics (MS) 1971
Kristoff, Alison Engineering Physics 2009
Kruger, Gary Physics (MS) 1976
Ku, Jae Chan Physics 2017
Kush, Daniel Physics Teaching 2017
Larson, Benjamin Physics 2003
Li, Peter Physics 1975
Liming, Gary Physics 1974
Lonergan, Corrine Physics Teaching 1949
Lonergan, Gerald Physics Teaching 1951
Lyon, Jesse Computer Physics 2017
Mabrey, Grant Physics 2017
MacDonna, Keegan Engineering Physics 2017
Maddox, Jack Physics Teaching 1957
Malmberg, John Physics Teaching 1949
Maquet, Donald Physics Teaching 1951
Mason, Robert Physics Teaching 1959
Maxey, Randy Physics 1973
McAtee, David Physics 1975
McCawley, Shaderic Physics Teaching 1956
McNeilly, Ronald Physics Teaching (MSE) 1970
Menendez, Kevin Physics Teaching 2016
Mesenbrink, William Physics Teaching 1953
Meyer, Janet Physics 1976
Meyer, Peter Physics 1973
Mika, Ronald Physics 1971
Miller, Gerald Physics 1972
Miller, Michael Physics 1973
Miller, Robert Engineering Physics 1996
Minear, Michael Physics 1975
Molloy, Norman Physics Teaching 1949
Moreno, Daniel Physics 2017
Munden, Anita Physics Teaching 1975
Murphy, Julie Physics Teaching 2000
Myroth, Cassandra Physics Teaching 2017
Nalewajka, Jack Physics 1976
O'Dell, C. Robert Physics Teaching 1959
O'Hara, Michael Physics 1989
Orr, Bruce Physics Teaching 1940
Orwig, Gary Physics 1967
Osberg, Christine Engingeering Physics 1998
Page, Thomas Physics 1969
Pedrotti, Leno Physics Teaching 1949
Pedrotti, Wilma Physics Teaching 1950
Peine, Gregory Physics 1974
Perrone, James Physics Teaching 2016
Phillips, Paul Physics (BS) & Physics (MS) 1968 & 1970
Piwowarczyk, Daniel Physics Teaching 2017
Pollock, Kerry Physics 1979
Potts, Charles Physics Teaching 1959
Quevedo, Vincent Physics (MS) 1972
Rahe, Alexander Physics 2017
Ritchison, Jeffrey Physics 1979
Robertson, Richard Physics 1968
Rose, Logan Engineering Physics 2017
Rosenzweig, Christian Physics Teaching 2014
Rowan, Philip Physics 1977
Russ, Cory Physics/Mathematics 2017
Rydleski, Gary Physics Teaching 1972
Schafer, Larry Physics (MS) 1967
Schemel, Mari Physics Teaching 1993
Schlesinger, Timothy Physics 2016
Schumann, Mark Physics 1979
Schwirian, Patricia Physics Teaching 1959
Seelig, Melanie Physics 1994
Shears, Robert Physics 1973
Shooshtari, Gholam Physics 1979
Siebert, Richard Physics 1979
Simberger, Richard Physics Teaching 1955
Skoulikas, Steve Physics 1979
Skoubic, Ronald Physics Teaching 1970
Smith, Jordan Physics Teaching 2014
Smith, Lawrence Physics Teaching 1953
Smith, Norman Physics 1968
Smith, Robert Physics 1974
Sprague, William Physics 1970
Staker, William Physics Teaching 1940
Starzyk, Michael Physics 2017
Steinke, Robert Physics 1973
Stolfi, Paul Physics 1969
Stone, Alan Physics 1977
Striegel, John Physics Teaching 1971
Svendrowski, Nora Physics Teaching (MSE) 1955
Taber, Henry Physics 1970
Tai, Tom Physics 1971
Taylor, Robert Physics Teaching 1966
Tefft, James Physics 1973
Tyler, Ray Physics Teaching 1948
Underkoffler, Milton Physics Teaching (MSE) 1950
Van Roekel, Spencer Physics 1990
Vittitoe, Theordore Physics (BS) & Physics Teaching (MSE) 1968 & 1971
Vicek, Brian Computer Physics 2007
Vokac, James Physics 1970
Volin, Kenneth Physics 1976
Wagner, Gary Physics 1972
Walker, James Physics 1976
Wan, Michael Physics 1971
Wefer, Robert Physics Teaching 1972
Whitehall, David Physics Teaching 1972
Whittington, Neil Physics (MS) 1970
Wilken, Jeffery Physics 1996
Williams, S. Russell Physics 1990
Yam, Kwokcheung Physics 1976